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Waterstone is all about blending art with technology. They started in 1999 creating designs they love and then found a way to make them tough enough to be worthy of a lifetime of use in your kitchen. Waterstone takes great pride in being able to say that all their products are truly made in America – right here in Southern California. All products are original designs and instantly recognizable in an ocean of “me-too” competitive products. Waterstone continually relies on traditional American ingenuity, hard work, function, and technology to create faucets rather than relying on what other companies have done before.


Waterstone Spotlight

Waterstone is known for their ground-breaking design and unmatched quality. All their products have a lifetime warranty that they enforce right in their factory.

Everything from design to manufacturing is done in-house in their own factory right here in Murrieta.

Waterstone faucets come in a huge range of finishes including mixed metals. Their in-house finishing process ensures a flawless look that will last a lifetime – literally.

Kitchen Faucets

Waterstone’s Endeavor Wheel kitchen faucet is a one-of-a-kind jaw dropping design that is as functionally perfect as it is strikingly beautiful. It comes in an array of finishes.

The Gantry pulldown is a engineering marvel, comes in several finishes, and contemporary or traditional styles.

The Contemporary PLP pulldown is a chameleon – it is available in multiple styles and an array of finishes including mixed metal finishes and their new matte white.

Bath Collection

New this Spring – Waterstone Bath Collection. Famous around the world for the most innovative kitchen faucets, Waterstone is now introducing their all-new bath collection – available in Spring only at PIRCH.

The distinctive style of their bath collection is inspired by nautical hardware design with an industrial edge and spectacular finishes.

This shower set borrows from the distinctive design of their Wheel kitchen faucet. It features all the quality construction and flawless operation of all their faucets.


The raw textural beauty of their Industrial pulls have a steam punk inspiration and are truly unique pieces of hardware. Diamond shaped knurling and mechanical style ends match your Waterstone industrial kitchen faucet.

The industrial 3-spoke knob is a great compliment to Waterstone industrial faucets in your kitchen, and will pair perfectly with their new bath collection.