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Bonfires have the rare ability to stimulate all of our senses. Urban Bonfire was founded to honor the spirit of its namesake. Since their humble beginnings, Urban Bonfire has had one goal: the creation of outdoor kitchen spaces that connect, inspire, and unite. The company’s designs connect customers to the nature and outdoor elements around them, inspire great meals, and provide a backdrop to connect with friends and family. Using marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum, Urban Bonfire cabinetry is created to fit seamlessly with all grills and outdoor appliances, allowing you to bring new life and energy to your outdoor cooking space. 


Urban Bonfire creates outdoor cooking spaces that demand to be seen and experienced. PIRCH and Urban Bonfire invite you to cook without limits and live outside the lines.

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Urban Bonfire Spotlight

Watch this video and see Jim Murdock and Erika Hosking talk about our Special Quickship program. Click here to view more details on the program.

Marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum outdoor cabinetry that elevates outdoor cooking spaces. Urban Bonfire designs and products come with a 10-year warranty, feature timeless designs, and are built to last.

At PIRCH, we work with our customers to identify which outdoor cooking solutions and aesthetics make the most sense for their lifestyle and needs. Urban Bonfire offers classic and custom designs to meet all styles, spaces, and needs.

Works Well With Other PIRCH Brands

Urban Bonfire is designed to play well with others. All of the company’s countertops and cabinetry fit seamlessly with PIRCH’s range of grills and outdoor appliances. Urban Bonfire is made to complement and elevate, not replace or overpower.

Your dream outdoor entertainment center is closer than you might think. With PIRCH’s Outdoor Kitchen Quickship Program, choose from a variety of PIRCH favorites and build your outdoor kitchen in as little as 6 weeks!


Urban Bonfire designs come in a range of colors and are easy to reconfigure, allowing you to meet any and all spatial needs. All Urban Bonfire designs and products come with a ten-year warranty. 

In ten years, many people will move, develop new tastes and styles, or upgrade their cooking systems and abilities. 

Urban Bonfire is aware of the growth and evolution that can happen in ten years, and that’s why all products and designs can be easily altered, changed, or added to, ensuring that their customers are able to grow with their outdoor cooking spaces.