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TOTO was founded in 1917, born out of their founder’s desire to improve the way we interact with cleanliness and hygiene in our homes. TOTO products provide a soothing, comforting space to get clean, relax, and fully immerse yourself in the pleasure and experience of bathing. TOTO doesn’t simply create bath fixtures; they facilitate a transformative experience. When you step into a TOTO tub, you can feel the intention that went into the design, aesthetics, and engineering of each piece and the brand’s focus on celebrating the healing properties of water. 


TOTO is a global brand rooted in the Japanese philosophy that bathing is sacred. In Japan, bathing is sacred, a valued part of the day that receives the time, attention, and respect it deserves. TOTO aims to instill the love of bathing and rejuvenation with a global audience, offering products that elevate and enhance this ritual. At PIRCH, we love how this brand uses traditional Japanese porcelain and pottery techniques to create stunning products that truly enrich the art of bathing combined with the desire to remain sustainable.

TOTO Spotlight

TOTO’s Smart Toilets and Washlet Bidets offer optimal cleanliness with a focus on environmental impact and sustainability. Both products eliminate the need for toilet paper and feature the latest in water conservation technology, which means you use less water, reduce household consumption and waste, and decrease your carbon footprint. With an internal coating that repels stains and germs, you clean less, use less water on maintenance, and avoid harmful cross contamination from viruses and bacteria.

TOTO is a global brand that is very much rooted in Japanese culture where porcelain and pottery are respected and revered. TOTO integrates the philosophy in its porcelain and pottery work, offering their customers products that are constructed and designed to feel as good as they look.

Committed to environmental sustainability and conservation, TOTO lives by three core principles: 

  • Provide cleanliness and comfort for life
  • Respect the Environment
  • Build relationships that enrich life.

The brand’s products are sourced sustainably and designed to use water efficiently, avoiding waste and overconsumption.

TOTO Spotlight

After almost ten years of research and development, TOTO has created a floatation tub for residential use. Spas and health centers have been using flotation tubs for centuries, and TOTO has designed a tub that brings these benefits into your home. Flotation tubs give you the feeling of complete weightlessness, allowing your body to flow in a tension-free state. Built-in LED lighting enhances the dream-like aura of this tub, offering you a unique, transformative, and restorative experience.

TOTO bathtubs come with massage functions that significantly enhance the relaxation and pleasure derived from daily baths. TOTO’s Hydrohands offer a water massage that mirrors the feeling of human hands kneading tired, sore muscles. TOTO Airjets create a continuous stream of air and bubbles that fully envelop your body, allowing you to immerse yourself in a cloud of soft, airy relaxation. To round out all things relaxation, TOTO’s Neck Bath provides a soothing flow of water to your shoulders and neck to provide an immersive warmth and unrivaled calming sensation.

Visit our showroom to view our range of TOTO products. Want a virtual tour? In this video to see how the Toto Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension works: