Pirch Presents

Perrin & Rowe

Perrin & Rowe products don’t just look the part; they also happen to be some of the best made bathroom fixtures we have seen. Each product is engineered to enhance user experience and is constructed from materials sourced for quality and sustainability. Each Perrin& Rowe fixture is handcrafted in the UK. The brand would never dream of offering machine-made products and it shows. When you purchase a Perrin & Rowe piece, you can see and feel the human hands that shaped, molded, and soldered each item. 


The brand creates fixtures that honor and complement the importance and value of your space. Perrin & Rowe products engage and inspire, and at PIRCH, we could not be bigger fans of everything this brand encompasses and stands for.

Perrin & Rowe Spotlight

All Perrin & Rowe products are handcrafted in the UK. The brand puts stock in the value of human interaction. When you purchase a Perrin & Rowe product, you opt for a fixture that was shaped, molded, and designed by hand. This production process leaves an invaluable mark on the look and feel of their fixtures and bathroom hardware. You can see the small details that went into each curve, bend, and edge. The result of this belief in craftsmanship and artistry is a line of bathroom fixtures that look and function like nothing that’s come before them.

When it comes to fixtures, materials matter. Perrin & Rowe goes to great lengths to source high-quality, durable porcelain and metals, ensuring that each product crafted under their name will look and feel like they should for years to come.

Perrin & Rowe design fixtures for all tastes, styles, and spaces. Their fixtures range from modern to traditional and come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to make each Perrin & Rowe product your own.

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