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Moya Living


These are steel cabinets? Moya Living designs and manufactures powder-coated steel custom cabinetry right here in Southern California. You can get almost any color, and their cabinets feature soft-close hinges, sound deadening, specialty drawers, and more. Steel cabinets last longer than other cabinets, are easier to clean and maintain, and can be used on panel-ready appliances for seamless integration. Their parent company has made powder-coated steel cabinets for over 30 years and installed them into the most demanding of labs throughout the country. Steel cabinetry is the choice for these applications because of its inherent resistance to germs, longevity, and ease of maintenance. Moya Living was born from that same commitment to ultimate precision, design, and quality construction, bringing the benefits of steel cabinetry to home applications.


Moya Living Spotlight

Take a video tour of the newest Moya Living kitchen display in our Glendale showroom. Erika interviews Moya herself and we learn what makes powder-coated steel cabinets so great.

Here is a video of the Moya Living display in our Costa Mesa showroom. Erika and Garrett tell you about this lovely classic black, white & brass kitchen also featuring Monogram appliances and Cambria countertops.

Watch this video as PIRCH sales consultant Annette gets a tour of the Moya Living factory in Fountain Valley, CA.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Moya Living’s kitchen cabinets feature clean aesthetics, bold colors, and chic designs. The brand’s bold colors add drama and texture to the kitchen, while their whites, greys and blacks bring subtle elegance. Their cabinets can be made to any color order, so your creativity is completely unbridled.

This display at our La Jolla showroom typifies the seamless integration cabinetry and appliances into a thoughtful and visually intriguing kitchen design. Moya Living works with any appliance, plumbing, and surface brands you choose to create a beautiful and functional kitchen to fit your space and lifestyle.

There is literally no color that Moya Living can’t replicate for your cabinetry. Just pick out a PMS color and they’ll match it. Plus, the rigorous manufacturing techniques employed ensure your color is consistent throughout all the product, with finishes that are easy to clean and last a lifetime.

Moya Living cabinets are designed with all the functional features you expect in your kitchen design: specialty drawers, soft close, seamless joints, panel-ready appliance surfaces, and more.

Outdoor Cabinetry

Powder-coated steel cabinetry can be used outside as well. Moya makes cabinetry for your outdoor kitchen that can be designed around all the best grill manufacturer’s products. Watch this video shot at our Solana Beach showroom as Wynn from Moya Living and Gordon from PIRCH show off the grills and cabinet features.

Just like their indoor cabinetry, the Moya outdoor kitchens are designed to seamlessly integrate with all the best grill brands. Choose from various colors that compliment your outdoors, and they can accommodate every other outdoor kitchen appliance you want: side burners, refrigeration, ice machines, beverage dispensers, etc.

Moya can even make cabinets for specialty outdoor cooking equipment like pizza ovens.

Cabinetry Throughout Your Home

owder-coated steel is especially great for baths where moisture can be challenging for maintaining conventional cabinetry

Moya designs manufacturers and installs custom cabinetry for your garage. You can even match the color of your car!

Laundry rooms are a great place to use Moya cabinets.

Use Moya cabinets to create a built-in hutch for that blends perfectly with your kitchen decor.