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With over three decades of experience creating stainless steel appliances for professional kitchens, Lynx’s founders brought their expertise to residential cooking. Lynx grills look and perform like their professional counterparts, offering an outdoor grill that’s aesthetically brilliant and meticulously engineered. With their seamless welded stainless-steel exteriors, Lynx grills give you a clean look that can be incorporated into new and pre-existing outdoor kitchen designs or used stand alone in the carted model. Cast brass can hold and radiate high heat, while infrared burners are versatile and can be operated at high or low temperature thresholds. With operating knobs that are backlit by LED lights–making nighttime cooking safer and more convenient–this brand has perfected the grilling experience down to the finest and most minute detail. 

Lynx Spotlight

Every part of these grills is designed to withstand the elements, repel rust and staining. Each grill comes with a lifetime guarantee and is designed to exceed even the highest performance expectations.

Lynx burner system gives you the ultimate temperature control allowing your grill to cook at some of the highest and lowest temperatures available in the residential market.

Watch Chef Kimberly show off the features of the Lynx grill to make fish tacos.

The ceramic briquettes distribute even heat throughout the cooking surface and are easy to clean. Just flip the tray and turning up the heat on the grill burning off the residue.

Cooking Versatility

Lynx grills come in sizes 30” to 54” and most sizes are available in built-in and carted models.

The 30” Asado cooktop has two independent infrared burners so you can cook multiple items at once. This is great for griddle cooking or even Asian Fusion dishes. 

Their pizza oven can cook at temperatures as high as 700 degrees, and it is not just for pizza. You can bake bread, roast, and even bake pies in it.

More Outdoor Kitchen

Make your outdoor kitchen as year-round entertainment center with outdoor heating.

Undercounter refrigeration includes beverage fridges, freezers, beer dispensers, and refrigerated drawers.

Your outdoor kitchen can be a complete entertainment center with the Lynx bar sink and cocktail station.

Lynx also offers a full range of outdoor kitchen storage components that help you keep everything organized.