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Gessi designs provide an immersive Italian experience. The brand embodies a holistic Italian approach. All Gessi products are designed and produced in Italy and their fixtures are inspired by the Italian landscape, culture, and people. Unconventional and visionary, the brand has forged a path all their own, creating unique kitchen and bathroom fixtures that are unmistakably Gessi. Like PIRCH, the brand believes that water fixtures should do more than simply function. Gessi demands a lot of their designs, offering products that fit with other design elements to create dynamic aesthetics that demand to be seen, felt, and experienced. 

Gessi Spotlight

There’s something soothing and transformative about turning the dials of a classic high fidelity system and controlling the sound and music that you invite into your space. Gessi’s HiFi Line brings this auditory and sensory experience into the shower.

HiFi fixtures feature two meticulously designed knobs that allow you to control water pressure and temperature

See the HiFi collection in the new beautiful Gessi displays in all our showrooms along with other lines Watch the video to get a taste of what you’ll see.

With a clean and essential design, the HiFi line brings agency, power, and stimulation into your bath and shower experience.


Like water, stainless steel is a material steeped in juxtaposition. Industrial yet chic, strong yet transformative. The Gessi 316 Collection uses stainless steel to create elegant, versatile, low-maintenance bath and shower fixtures that bring a subtle elevation to one’s bathroom.

316 Collection fixtures never lose their luster and maintain a rich, engaging color for life. Stainless-steel is long-lasting and can be recycled so reduces impact on the environment once it is replaced – although that will probably not be in your lifetime.

316 combines sleek lines, curves, rich finishes, and textures to create fixtures that are as beautiful to touch as they are to see. And, there is a finish to match any design you can create.


Gessi’s Inciso Collection brings the energy of early plumbing fixtures into the present, offering bath and shower fixtures that feature meticulous metal work, sculpted contours, and texture that engages all senses.

The David Rockwell for Gessi Inciso collection invites you to bring the raw beauty of metal and function into your space, elevating your bathroom aesthetic and creating an immersive water experience. Whether it is residential or commercial design, this collection merges effortlessly with architectural elements to create a distinctively Industrial appeal.

Inciso includes fixtures for all areas of the bath and offers a range of finishes from which to choose.


A disruption can generate a powerful form of beauty. This is very true for Rettangolo K. The design concept of the line consists in cutting the celebrated solid body of the Rettangolo faucet with a transverse line that creates an inedited angle.

A new light redesigns the illustrious silhouette of Rettangolo and the result is amazing. While the object retains the harmony of the original figure, it is fresh, different, and absolutely beautiful.