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With a rich history of German engineering dating back to 1683, Gaggenau products are known for their innovative technology, durable materials, bold lines, ease of use, and lasting craftsmanship. Gaggenau pioneered the first built-in kitchen appliances in Europe and continues to be at the cutting edge of design and function. We love the German Bauhaus design principle that drives the look and feel of all Gaggenau products – they’re almost futuristic in their simplicity. From the enamel used in their ovens to the technology behind their ventilation, every Gaggenau product is meticulously designed and manufactured.

Gaggenau Spotlight

Pizza for breakfast and dessert? Watch Chefs Kimberly and David showcase the Gaggenau Series 400 Wall Oven with a suite of inventive pizza recipes: three different flatbread pizzas and a Chicago-style classic deep dish.

As a plumbed steam oven, the Combi-Steam Oven offers the versatility of a steam oven without the hassle of maintaining a water tank.

The world’s best appliances deserve the world’s best warranty. Learn about the 5 for 5 warranty extension and more deals on Gaggenau appliances!


Released to commemorate and exemplify 333 years of excellence. The EB 333 is a testament to Gaggenau’s values: quality, hand-craftsmanship, and heritage.

The 400 Series Combi-Steam Oven encourages you to not only perfect your steaming, but also braising, baking, browning, broiling, gratinating, sous-vide cooking and even juice extracting.

The Gaggenau Vario cooking system is a cohesive work surface that combines modular cooktops and ventilation appliances together. Gas or induction cooktops, grill, Teppan Yaki, and downdraft ventilation can sit together as one cohesive workspace.

With looks that offer bold statements or quiet effortless designs, Gaggenau’s exhaust systems are designed with discretion and airflow in mind.


Gaggenau’s impressive refrigerators, freezers, and fridge-freezer combinations offer multiple, separate climate zones and exceptional performance, thanks to the quality and precision of their cooling technology.

A fully integrated, built-in modular family: the 400 series offers refrigerators, freezers fridge-freezer combinations, and wine climate cabinets partnered in multiple ways.

With up to three independent climate zones controlled via intuitive touch display, precise humidity setting, charcoal air filtration, and a low vibration motor, the 400 series Wine Climate Cabinet ensures your favorite wines are kept immaculate until their time to be savored.


Explore the many features of Gaggenau’s 400 series dishwashers: handle-free push-to-open doors, projection of the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor, and clever loading options for large and precious items.

Explore numerous washing programs and adjustable options behind the gentle push-to-open door, which reveals the innovative and stunning illuminated interior.

With a flush-mounted installation, the 400 series blends neatly with all Gaggenau appliances, offering a discreet and discerning addition to your kitchen.

Specialty Appliances

Gaggenau’s fully automatic espresso machines can serve the perfect brew every time. With a fixed water connection, refilling water tanks is a thing of the past, and the cleaning program can run uninterrupted without emptying the water tray. Milk and bean dispensers are measured automatically, and the empty grinding function lets you seamlessly switch between bean types without them mixing together.

Gaggenau also offers Vacuum Sealers and Warming Drawers that combine perfectly with their other appliances to complete your dream kitchen.