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Fisher & Paykel

Professional Kitchen

Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel has been using a heritage that is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged conventional appliance design to consistently deliver products tailored to human needs when designing their products. For Fisher & Paykel, legacy is about looking to the future while ensuring what we develop today is aligned to the fundamental principles of sustainable design.

Fisher & Paykel incorporates the world’s most innovative technologies driven from a passion to produce the most technically advanced, efficient and contemporary styled appliances. As pioneers of the world’s first drawer dishwasher — DishDrawer® — Fisher & Paykel continues to pave the way for appliance innovation.

Fisher & Paykel Spotlight

Watch Erika and Patrick walk you through the new Fisher & Paykel kitchen display in our Glendale showroom.

Join Chef Bryan from Fisher & Paykel and PIRCH’s Chef Kimberly as they use the extremely versatile Fisher & Paykel Double Oven to make an Asian-inspired meal of Katsu Chicken, Beef Jerky, and Japanese tea – all using the air frying and dehydrating modes.

Choose Your Style


Representing a timeless, enduring aesthetic, Contemporary appliances feature the clean lines, bold yet complementary tonal contrasts, and signature design features that have become a hallmark of the style.


Professional style appliances feature a distinctive and bold aesthetic, inspired by their commercial kitchen heritage with uncompromised power for exceptional results in a residential setting.


Classic style appliances are designed to have presence within a kitchen – to stand out and make a statement as a bold centerpiece. They are additive, eclectic, and expressive.


The Minimal style celebrates a singular aesthetic that allows appliances to blend seamlessly into the kitchen, drawing on subtle textural and tonal contrasts for a sense of refinement and design clarity.


Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances allow absolute freedom of design expression, with styles and colors that become a bold centerpiece or take on the materiality of the kitchen.

Fisher & Paykel is dedicated to empowering the home chef with tools that best fit their style for precise control. Gas offers a responsive and readable indicator for intensity and distribution of flame, while induction cooktops offer snappy and exact temperature adjustment.

Be it dry air, gentle steam, or the intense heat of the broiler, the ideal oven gives you the flexibility to cook to your taste. Customizing your heat choice makes it possible to cook a roast to a rare blushing pink, crisp the perfect crust, or slow cook for tender meat that falls off the bone.

Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveVent™ retains and releases moisture from the oven at the right time to create dishes that are succulent and juicy, while cooked to perfection on the outside. With Aerotech™ technology, heat circulates evenly throughout the oven, eliminating hostpots to maintain a consistent temperature.


While temperature slows respiration, humidity is the key to further extending the life of your produce.

Keeping leafy vegetables in a cool, moisture laden environment helps to slow the process of aging, keeping lettuce crisp and green, and spinach from wilting. Back humidity off slightly to achieve the perfect environment for apples, grapes, capsicums, and other thin-skinned fruits.

The refrigerator is one of the most opened doors in the household. To counteract ambient air entering and the cold air escaping we developed ActiveSmart™ – a clever control system that reacts and adapts to how you live.

Cellar your finest bottles with exceptional UV filtering and in a climate that is customized to bring out the best characteristics, regardless of vintage or grape varietal.


A dishwasher’s loudest statement is its subtlety. Fisher & Paykel’s Integrated drop door dishwashers can be customized to fit counter height and take on the aesthetic of your cabinetry. Quiet performance and controls hidden from sight round out an appliance that blends seamlessly into your kitchen.

Modular in its design, the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher gives you the freedom to design a kitchen that is perfectly matched to the way you live. Where dishes can be loaded easily at waist height, placed conveniently under preparation spaces, configured side by side, one atop the other, or distributed around the kitchen to best suit your needs.


World-first SmartDrive™ Technology controls the tumble and spin action within your washer, minimizing vibrations and noise levels for a quieter wash that takes better care of your clothes. With the Time Saver option, a special temperature and tumble profile speeds up the wash without compromising performance.

Fisher & Paykel’s washer and dryer pair doesn’t just match aesthetic and quality. Each washer setting has a matching dryer setting to maintain perfect care through the laundering process.