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The DCS story is shaped by the pioneering spirit and outdoor lifestyle of its
foundation in the warm climate of Southern California. Building on a heritage of commercial quality appliances, DCS pioneered a new category in outdoor cooking — going beyond conventional barbecues with complete suites of outdoor appliances to create phenomenal outdoor kitchens offering professional performance and style.

DCS Spotlight

Watch PIRCH sales consultant Brandon tell you all about the DCS cooking system. DCS is one of our best selling brands in large part because of their range of cooking temperatures from high sear heat to very low simmer.

Watch Chef Kimberly share some amazing culinary tips on how to grill the perfect lamb chops. Learn about the full range of capabilities and benefits of DCS Grills.

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Real, solid, hardwearing and hand-finished materials speak to the unrivaled quality of DCS grills. Built from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel, with precision-welded and hand-finished joints, DCS delivers a premium finish and absolute quality assurance.

With precision burners and innovative grill design, DCS grills allow the chef to create piping hot surfaces for aggressive sears, while keeping even nearby grill surfaces at gentle heats for low and slow cooking.

The spacious interior of the DCS grill makes cooking simple, whether preparing a meal for two or catering for large groups. Time rotisserie roasts to coincide with side dishes prepared to perfection in your indoor kitchen.

Specialty Cooking

From flat tops to side burners, there’s a whole host of DCS specialty cooking tools designed to match and work together intuitively with the Series 7 and Series 9 grills.


When the size of the cook calls for more space on the grill, the All Grill extension provides ample space to time every element of your dish to perfection. There is no need to batch cook, leaving your perfectly cooked proteins to dry out while cooking the next round.

The Power Burner delivers powerful heat through a high pressure burner, perfect for large steam pots. From the intensity of 70,000 BTUs to the precise control of 1,300 BTUs, DCS grills are ideal for rapid boils to gentle simmers.


DCS’ Beverage Chillers are perfect for the ultimate entertainer. The 25″ option offers a deep, fully insulated compartment that can hold up to 17 gallons of ice to chill your refreshments.


DCS products are designed for both superior flush or proud installs. With no curved corners, stone stacks cleanly against the square edge DCS doors and drawers, for a perfect finish.

A range of doors and drawers as well as specialized functionality like trash bins or a completely sealed dry pantry allow you to build out the ideal storage solution for your needs.