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There is no better feeling than the sparkling start of a meal. When the table is beautifully set, the silverware is gleaming, and the wine is uncorked and ready to fill each glistening glass. With Cove dishwashing, begin every occasion with brilliant and always spotlessly clean and dry dishes. After years of extensive research and testing, Cove dishwashers join the Sub-Zero and Wolf family of brands, with performance and craftsmanship proven to last over 20 years of rigorous daily use. From completely flexible interiors to near-silent operation, Cove was independently engineered from the ground up, to ensure spotlessly clean and dry dishes with every load, every time. With the possibilities of custom handles, cabinetry and interior configurations, Cove is your flexible partner that never competes with the style of a room or the lifestyle of its owner.

585 x 330 px

Cove Spotlight

The newest addition to an esteemed family of brands, Cove rounds out Sub-Zero and Wolf to complete their kitchen appliance ensemble and deliver the exceptional quality promised by the best in their field. Cove rounds out the kitchen with dishwashers ensure every meal starts off sparkling.

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Cove dishwashers are packed with innovative features. Turbo Drying increases airflow by 25%, quickly drying dishes, glassware, and cutlery completely.

Customizable handles, cabinetry, and interior configurations ensure your Cove dishwasher blends seamlessly into your kitchen no matter your style.

Cove dishwashers are engineered to perfection, from the completely flexible interiors to the near-silent operation. With award-winning energy efficiency and a superior cleaning system, you can save time, water, and energy.

The Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Group

As a leader in refrigeration since 1945, Sub-Zero appreciates quality that lasts. Sub-Zero refrigerators are rigorously stress-tested to stand up to 20 years of daily use, backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Wolf distills legendary professional heritage, power and finesse into cooking equipment whose precise control ensures the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table.