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Designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania since 1880, BlueStar® cooking, refrigeration, and ventilation products are handcrafted for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens. The award-winning line includes high-performance gas ranges, cooktops, electric and gas wall ovens, ventilation hoods, and premium refrigeration. BlueStar is focused on bringing unmatched performance, robust power, and unrivaled precision to serious home cooks. They’re also the only pro-style appliance brand to offer virtually unlimited options for personalization, including 1,000+ colors and trims! At PIRCH, we seek out brands that offer aesthetic brilliance and unrivaled performance. BlueStar embodies these characteristics, offering kitchen appliances that will enrich, engage, and excite.


Blue Star Spotlight

BlueStar’s appliances are fully customizable. You choose everything from appliance color to shape, allowing their products to fit seamlessly into a kitchen design that’s truly yours. Every detail, from stove burner to fridge hinge, can be changed and personalized to meet your needs, both stylistically and performance-wise.

BlueStar products have been proudly handcrafted by American workers for 140 years. Each appliance is rigorously tested for optimal performance and a premium look.

Coming Soon! BlueStar’s integrated columns are designed to offer exceptional food preservation, industry-leading capacity, maximum storage, and unmatched options for kitchen design and flexibility


Searing restaurant-style 25,000 BTU open burners deliver perfectly even heat distribution and intense event heat, perfect for a rabit boil or a high heat sear.

Extra-large ovens accommodate commercial-size 18″ x 26″ baking sheets, perfect for entertaining!

Customize everything. Available in over 1,000+ colors and finishes, plus 10 metal trim options and near-infinite configuration possibilities.


With over 22.4 cu. ft. of  of space and a fully extending self-close tray, BlueStar refrigerators are perfect for food prep and entertaining. Fit full-size baking sheets in your refrigerator and freezer!

Independent dual compressors and evaporators in the refrigerator and freezer ensure foods stay fresher, longer.

All stainless steel and glass interiors deliver a professional look and superior performance. Theater-style LED lighting provides optimal visibility.


BlueStar ventilation offers enhanced power and professional-grade performance with dimmable LED lighting, easy-to-use push-button controls, and stainless steel baffle filters seamlessly remove for easy cleaning.

Customize with 1,000+ colors and finishes, 10 designer metals, almost endless strapping and rivet options, and custom sizes.